Continuing the Legacy: Summer Hall's Run for Akron School Board

In the heart of Akron, a new generation is stepping up to carry forward a legacy of compassion, activism, and community service. This fall, Summer Hall, a descendant of a lineage of strong, influential women, is running for a seat on the Akron School Board, and she is set to make a lasting impact.

Summer's roots run deep in the Akron community, tracing back to her remarkable grandmother, Marian T. Hall. Marian was not only the founder and president of the Summit County Committee for Adequate Welfare and Welfare Rights Organization but also a co-founder of the State of Ohio Welfare Rights Organization. Her tireless efforts extended to serving on various boards, including the Akron Urban League and Mayor’s Human and Community Relations Commission, and she was a past president of the Summit County Human Services Committee. Marian's influence left an indelible mark on Summer, shaping her ability to see the goodness in others and instilling a deep commitment to her community.

The legacy continues with Summer's great-aunt, Helen Arnold, a dedicated City of Akron employee who fervently fought for education reform and equal rights for women and African-Americans in the Akron/Summit County area. Helen's historic accomplishments include being the first black woman to serve on the Akron Board of Education and holding leadership roles in various boards and organizations, including President of the Akron Branch of the NAACP. Her impact was so profound that a school was named after her, a testament to her unwavering commitment to justice and advocacy.

Summer's mother, Sabrina Hall, may have had only 44 years on this earth, but she made every moment count. Besides her involvement on several boards, Sabrina's greatest influence was on her daughter, Summer. Summer attributes her resilience, determination, and kindness to her mother, who nurtured an atmosphere of empathy, family-oriented values, and unwavering friendship.

With this rich heritage and deep sense of purpose, Summer Hall is driven by a profound commitment to service and a desire to make a difference in her community. She is dedicated to carrying forward the legacy of the remarkable women who shaped her. There is no doubt that Summer is already making an impact, and her run for the Akron School Board is the next chapter in her journey to leave a lasting imprint on her community.

As we look to the future, it's clear that the legacy of strength, compassion, and advocacy lives on through Summer Hall. Her candidacy for the Akron School Board represents an opportunity for the next generation to continue the vital work of those who came before her. Stay tuned, as Summer is poised to make her mark, just as her remarkable predecessors did.


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